Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising has become a part of the life of any company that wants to be successful and be recognized among consumers. Therefore, outdoor advertising is more widely known to the audience today
is one of the most popular and cost-effective methods of delivery. Outdoor advertising is installed outdoors, which further increases its chances of attracting attention. There are many types of outdoor advertising - lightboxes, bold letters, billboards, posters, etc. Features of outdoor advertising preparation consists of several stages and begins with the preparation of a Terms of Reference, which takes into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer. The next stage is to create a design market for advertising media and advertising structures. installation of structures and installation of outdoor advertising. It is not possible to create outdoor advertising without the following materials:

 Aluminum;
 High density rigid plastic
 Vinyl
 Banner piece
 Glass and acrylic glass
 LEDs, fluorescent lamps and neon

There are several types of bold letters that differ in construction and materials used. In general, products made of bold letters can be divided into the following categories:
• Light letters;
• Contoured light letters;
• Fully illuminated letters;
• Letters with neon lighting;
• Pseudo-volume letters;
• Non-highlighted volume letters.
You can get information about each device type from the information blocks above. Our consultants will also help you choose the best boards from voluminous letters for your business or other needs.
In recent years, perhaps the most popular type of outdoor advertising is lightboxes. On this page you will learn the secret of the popularity of this design, what it consists of and how it works, as well as why lightboxes made by our masters are better than the products of other companies.
What is a lightbox?
As many have guessed from the name, lightbox is a "light box". It turns out that the idea of ​​the design is very simple: it consists of a box, often stuffed with LEDs, and a lid, which later forms the front part, which will be used for advertising purposes.
Don't think that lightboxes can be the same type. Our company has at least seven types of lightboxes, which differ in construction and materials used in their manufacture.
• Standard lightbox (saving);
• Metal;
• Figured;
• Composition;
• Click-lightbox;
• Ultranasic;
• Acrylic.
Although it is clear from the names of the structures how they differ from each other, the main advantages of the design and what is more important, you can get acquainted with each of the lightboxes above.

But how to order targeted outdoor advertising? How to get a recurring return on your advertising campaign? Contact our experts who will offer you the best options to realize your most fantastic ideas. We provide specifications and requirements for project preparation, warranty obligations and all details, preparation time and cost.
We work on the basis of the interpreted contract.